Kicking Hunger 3v3



Kicking Hunger 3v3

Who: Boys and Girls U9 through High School

What: Indoor 3v3 Event When: Saturday, January 12 starting at 9 am

Where: Middle School Gymnasium Fee: $5 per player {Pay the day of)

DEADLINE: Must be registered by 5pm on Monday January 7th

How The Day Will Work How The Day Will Work

1. Your player will sign up through the NR Soccer Club’s website at Follow the link on the home page to register your player. Players do not sign up as a team but as an individual player.

2. Your player will then be scheduled to play multiple games with different teammates in their age group. We will separate boys and girls but may combine age groups so all players interested are able to play. Scoring is based on how your player does in each game, not as a team. We will work to keep your player in a 4 hour window of playing time.

3. Scoring system is 6 points for a win, 3 points for a tie, up to 3 points for team goals scored, and 1 point for a shut out. For example if your player wins their first game 3-0 all 3 players on their team receive 6 points for winning, 3 points for goals scored and 1 point for a shutout, so 10 points for all 3 players. The next game your player will have different teammates and the results of that game will be added to all 3 players on the team. We will track individual point totals for this event.

4. Throughout the day we will have skills opportunities for your player to earn bonus points! Earn up to 5 bonus points for each item your player brings in for the food shelf to kick off the day.

5. Concessions available for purchase. Please no carry in food or beverages.


BRING A FRIEND FOR FREE!!!!! Each player can bring an unlimited number of friends for FREE! The friend cannot be currently registered with the NR Soccer Club. When registering fill out the spot for bringing a friend and they participate for FREE!!! Players who bring a friend earn 5 bonus points for each friend! 

David Garrett